Serin Park United States, 14, Junior

Serin is a fourth-year student in Juilliard Pre-college studying with Catherine Cho. Born in NYC, Serin began her violin studies at the age of five with Solim Shin. She also had lessons with Lisa Kim from NY Philharmonic, Yu Jeong Lee, and Francesca dePasquale. Serin has performed in prestigious halls throughout New York, Virginia, Philadelphia and Germany. Solo appearances include performances with the Orchestra of Camerata, Concert Festival, Allentown Symphony Orchestra, and Juilliard Precollege String Ensemble. She plays a 1740 Venetian violin by Bussano.

“It’s an honour to be part of the Menuhin Competition and I am very excited to experience valuable and positive encounters with new friends and musicians in Geneva, a seamless blend of modern and classical settings. To me, this is a wonderful opportunity to share music and deeply connect with the world. Music is a way to express your inner feelings with sincerity and true emotions through a universal language that everyone understands, and the Menuhin Competition is providing me the chance to perform on a worldwide platform. I can’t wait to see everyone in Geneva!”


13 April
2.10pm - 2.35pm
Junior First Round


Junior First Round
  • J.S. Bach Sonata No. 4 BWV 1017, movements 3+4
  • Wieniawski Etude-Caprice, Op.18, No. 4
  • - Freestyle improvisation
  • Dvořák Selection from Romantic Pieces Op.75, Nos. 1, 2 & 3