Must sees

Geneva, a unique city

What makes Geneva so unique? Switzerland’s second largest city, it is the capital of peace & center of diplomacy with the European headquarters of United Nations, a crossroads for religions & is the epicenter of watchmaking expertise. It also boasts some stunning landscapes, plus an incredibly diverse cultural scene with one of the highest concentration of concerts, festivals & museums for such a small city! Right at the heart of Europe, just a stone's throw away from the Alps, overlooking the snowy peaks of the Mont Blanc & the majestic Lake Geneva, it is an ideal destination for all ages.

Must sees

The Jet d’Eau & Lake Geneva

The lakeshore’ star attraction & landmark city’s landmark is the water jet, dazzling visitors as it shoots 140 metres into the sky. The Lake Geneva is the largest body of water in Switzerland, and greatly exceeds in size all others that are connected with the main valleys of the Alps. It is in the shape of a crescent. The beauty of the shores of the lake and of the sites of many of the places near its banks (Vevey, Lausanne, Montreux to name a few) has long been celebrated by well-known artists such as Charlie Chaplin & Audrey Hepburn who once lived by the lakeside. 

The old town & its treasures

Switzerland’s biggest historical city is overlooked by St. Peter’s Cathedral, the centre of the Reformation movement. 157 steps lead to the top of its tower for a stunning view of the town. Stroll along the backstreets & discover the city’s historical treasures. 

The Reformation Wall

Leaning against the city’s ancient fortifications, the Reformation Wall keeps watch over the Parc des Bastions. In a beautiful park, the most important figures of the Reformation are honoured with giant statues & bas-reliefs. Don’t miss the International Museum of the Reformation either situated in an old private house right by the cathedral.

The Palais des Nations, Symbol of Geneva

The European headquarters of the United Nations have become the centre of the world diplomacy. Under the dome of the Human Rights & Alliance of Civilisations’ Room, many secrets are shared. And on the Place des Nations, standing in the front of the monumental “Broken Chair”, you are reminded of Geneva’s contribution to peace & freedom. 

CERN, World Accelerator of Science

This is where the internet was born 20 years ago. And this is where 10,000 physicists try to unlock the secrets of the universe and therefore work inside one of the world’s largest & most complex scientific research laboratories. 

Unique museums

The International Red Cross & Red Crescent, the International Museum of the Reformation, the Patek Philippe Museum and the Foundation Martin Bodmer’s Library-Museum are four striking and unrivalled stops enabling you to decrypt Geneva’s DNA.

Carouge & it’s Bohemian atmosphere

Geneva’s very different sister town is a neighbouring called Carouge. Meet its craftsmen, artists and its personalities who contribute much to Carouge’s charm. Its shaded squares remind you of Italy, just a few minutes from the centre. A great many cafés and restaurants create a unique bohemian ambience around the clock.

Contemporary art in the Bains District

This European platform for contemporary art is home to the Mamco, one of Switzerland’s largest modern and contemporary art museums, and to a cluster of private galleries suck as Skopia / P-H Jaccaud, Blondeau & Cie, Gallery Xippas. It is an avant-garde place with trendy bistros to meet, eat and drink. 

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