Menuhin Competition 2018

In summary

Founded by Yehudi Menuhin in 1983 the Menuhin Competition is the leading international Competition for young violinists. Nicknamed “The Olympics of the Violin” the Competition attracts hundreds of entries from over 40 countries, choosing only 44 of the world’s very best young violinists to participate. Held every two years in a different world city the Competition discovers, encourages and nurtures exceptionally talented young musicians from all corners of the globe under the age of 22 years to develop into the next generation of great artists. 

The Menuhin Competition has an impressive track record of counting some of the world’s most gifted violinists among its participants and prizewinners. Since 1983, many prizewinners such as Nikolaj Znaider, Tasmin Little, Julia Fischer, Ilya Gringolts and more recently Ray Chen, Chad Hoopes and Stephen Waarts have gone onto successful international careers as soloists. Some are outstanding concertmasters such as Daishin Kashimoto at the Berlin Philharmonic, others such as Corina Belcea lead world-class chamber ensembles. 

Yehudi Menuhin: music connects

From child prodigy to one of the 20th century’s finest and most celebrated artists, Yehudi Menuhin devoted much of his life to teaching music, forging links between cultures, and bringing classical music to those who may not have access to it, especially the most disadvantaged as he was convinced that music is a powerful social bond. 

As one of Yehudi Menuhin’s most valuable legacies, the Competition continues to uphold his status as a cultural ambassador and true world citizen by creating an exceptional family atmosphere of learning and exchange for the competitors. All competitors are invited to stay in the host city for the duration of the Competition, allowing them to make new friendships with other young musicians and forge social and cultural connections alongside their musical development.

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Beyond the competition

With the Competition itself at its heart, each edition of the Menuhin Competition presents an 11 day festival of music, education and cultural exchange, from concerts to masterclasses, performances by the jury to educational events delivered by the competitors themselves. 

Collaborative in its spirit, the focus is placed on participation and learning rather than winning the 1st Prize. Competitors participate in masterclasses and peer to peer learning or turn into mentors themselves and work with our partners to deliver outreach projects in the local community. Creating a stimulating environment in which talented young violinists may learn and grow has always been and will remain at the heart of the Menuhin Competition.

In Switzerland for the first time

Most recently the Competition was held in London, UK, in celebration of Menuhin’s centenary in 2016. Prior to this the Competition took place in Austin, Texas (2014), Beijing, China (2012) and Oslo, Norway (2010).

The Menuhin Competition Geneva 2018 will take place from 12-22 April 2018.

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