Frequently asked questions

For the Piazzolla in the Junior semi-finals, I can only find a score for flute and guitar. Is this ok to use?

Yes, this piece was originally written for flute and guitar so please do use this version.

Where can I find the score for Piazzolla’s “Histoire du Tango”?

Should the score not be available in your local library it is readily available for purchase online, in the UK it is sold by Music Room and Boosey & Hawkes, in the USA it is for sale from Sheet Music Plus so we hope that you will find it easily.

For the Junior first round, piece 4, if I choose the Prokofiev do I need to play Nos. 1, 2 & 3? 

Yes please, you need to play all 3. Likewise for the Dvořák.

The virtuoso piece that I want to play is 11mins rather than 10, is this ok?

Please email the Menuhin Competition team on office@menuhincompetition.org and let us know the details of the piece that you are referring to.

The virtuoso piece that I want to play is significantly longer than 10 minutes, am I able to make cuts to reduce it to within the timeframe?

Yes absolutely, we are happy for cuts to be made in order for the piece to fit within the 10 minutes.

I am applying for the Senior section and would like to include my composed cadenza for the Mozart in my application audition video. Is this allowed?

Yes this is fine. We have stated that the cadenza is not required for the application audition video to allow candidates time to compose the cadenza. However, if you would like to include it feel free to do so.

Can I upload one video including the 3 or 4 pieces required for the application? 

The videos need to be separate files with one piece per video. The recordings can be made all on one day or separately, as you wish, but they will need to be separate videos for each piece.

In the Competition rules, the recordings are to be done without repeats.  Does that apply to all the selections?  How about a piece like Zigeunerweisen, where the fast section has repeats throughout? 

In rare cases of a piece such as Zigeunerweisen where the repeats are short phrases it is fine to perform the repeats. The rule about repeats is in relation to sonatas or works by Bach where the repeats would add significantly to the programme timings.

I think that I have submitted my application but I haven’t received a confirmation email from Decision Desk. What can I do?

Please ensure that you have pressed the “Submit” button on Decision Desk to submit. If you have not received an on-screen confirmation followed by an email your application may not have been safely received. Please contact support@decisiondesk.com and the Decision Desk team will help you to ensure that your application is submitted properly.

I have been completing the application on two computers simultaneously and some of the information I have entered has been lost. What can I do?

It should be fine to work on your application on two computers as long as you log in and out of Decision Desk each time you use it. If the portal is open at the same time in two places then information might get lost. If you have any technical queries please contact support@decisiondesk.com 

I haven’t ever improvised before, do you have any tips about how I can start to work on this?

Check out this video from Henning Kraggerud, one of the Menuhin Competition Geneva 2018 jurors, which gives an introduction to improvisation.

For the repertoire to be performed with guitar / string quartet, do I need to bring additional musicians with me?

No, the chamber musicians to accompany you for the Piazzola (Junior section) and Beethoven quartets (Senior section) are provided by the Menuhin Competition.

For the Mozart cadenza to be composed by the candidate, are there any restrictions on the style in which this should be composed?

No, there are no restrictions. The cadenza can be stylistically appropriate to the Mozart should you wish, but can be composed in whichever style you like.